About the GAHP Database

Through grant funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), we hired Prelude Dynamics, Inc. to customize a medical database system for tracking cardiac-related health information in great apes worldwide. The database contains cardiac ultrasound data points from our submission forms, related blood work, EKGs, anesthesia records, medical conditions and treatments, as well as postmortem evaluations. Ape life-history information from the Species Survival Plan Studbooks is also included, allowing us to view and evaluate apes by age, sex, institution and even family lines.

Access to the database is restricted to unique user log-ins for Great Ape Heart Project Committee Members and for authorized employees of submitting institutions that wish to review their own medical records. Research collaboration requests will be reviewed by the GAHP Executive Committee on an individual basis. The database content, function and access were determined at a March 2013 GAHP Executive Committee Meeting.

For more information about the GAHP’s online database, contact us at gahpinfo@gmail.com.