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IMLS Mission Statement

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) is the primary source of federal support for the nation’s 123,000 libraries and 35,000 museums. Our mission is to inspire libraries and museums to advance innovation, lifelong learning, and cultural and civic engagement. Our grant making, policy development, and research help libraries and museums deliver valuable services that make it possible for communities and individuals to thrive.”

Did you know that zoos are considered museums with living collections?

IMLS funding is unique from other grant programs because of their particular commitment to professional development opportunities and support for innovation within the zoo community. When the GAHP was looking for funding opportunities, we were limited by the fact that we are not studying ape heart disease to better understand human heart disease, rather we are attempting to apply our knowledge of human heart disease and treatments to improve the quality of care for apes. Because we were looking to share our knowledge with other zoos caring for apes and provide a model for how the zoo community can work together in disease prevention and investigation, our grants have all fallen within the “National Leadership Grant” IMLS category.

The Great Ape Heart Project would not be possible without grant funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. We highly recommend applying to any of their grant programs, and welcome any inquiries about our experiences applying for the following IMLS grants:

IMLS National Leadership Grant 2019 (Museums)

Received three-year grant for “Great ape heart disease: Harnessing the power of pathology to improve the clinical care and welfare of ape collections” MG-80-19-0008-19 (Murphy, H., Danforth, M., Terio, K., Lowenstine, L., McManamon, R., Gerlach, T. & Rapoport, G.)

IMLS National Leadership Grant 2015 (Collections Stewardship Category)

Received three-year grant for “The Bonobo Heart Disease Project: Defining potential etiologic factors, diagnostic tools and therapeutic options for cardiovascular disease in a captive population of endangered bonobos” MG-30-15-0035-15 (Murphy, H., Danforth, M., Clyde, V., Beehler, L., Wann, S., & Rapoport, G.)


IMLS: National Leadership Grant 2012 (Demonstration Category)

Received three-year grant for “The Great Ape Heart Project: a model for collaborative disease investigation” LG-26-12-005626-12 (Murphy, H., Dindo, M., McManamon, R., Dennis, P., Lowenstine, L., Brown, S., Brown, C., Ellis, A., Rapoport, G., Brainard, B., Terio, K., & Murray, S.)

IMLS: National Leadership Grant 2010 (Planning Category)

Received one-year grant for “The Great Ape Heart Project (GAHP): A Collaboration to Understand Heart Disease, Reduce Mortality and Improve Cardiac Health in All Four Great Ape Taxa” LG-64-10-0088-10 (Murphy, H., McManamon, R., Dennis, P., & Lowenstine, L.)