Cardiac Exams

One of the GAHP’s goals is to create an accessible and consistent database for recording cardiac related health information in all four great ape taxa.

When your institution performs physical exams on apes in your collection, please fill out the GAHP Cardiac Database Form and submit it along with a copy of the ultrasound to the Great Ape Heart Project at Zoo Atlanta.  The form is available as a pdf or as a Microsoft Word document for your convenience. It can either be submitted via email to or mailed to the address below.

GAHP Submission Flow Chart
GAHP Submission Flow Chart


Great Ape Heart Project
Zoo Atlanta
800 Cherokee Ave. SE
Atlanta, GA 30315

Postmortem Exams

The GAHP database also includes postmortem findings. Please submit full necropsy reports to once they become available. In the event that an ape has died, please refer to the following cardiac necropsy protocols. These protocols are also available on the Members Only section of and are also available through each SSP. For the general great ape necropsy protocol, please refer to the Members Only section of